UV Process Supply Company Overview

President and Founder

Stephen Siegel founded and has served as the president of UV Process Supply, Inc. (Chicago, IL) since its inception in 1979. As a consultant, innovator and business leader, Mr. Siegel has devoted forty years to the advancement of UV curing technology and has written and delivered numerous well-received papers on radiation curing and its application. With a degree in fine arts, Mr. Siegel has earned peer recognition for his continuing efforts to further the use of radiation curing within the US and throughout the world. UV Process Supply serves the complete production needs of radiation curing professionals over a wide range of industries.

Our Products and Brands

Since 1979, UV Process Supply, Inc. has worked to build its product line of UV related supplies and equipment. No other company offers such a comprehensive selection of UV related products. Today, our over 4,000 products provide complete solutions for all aspects of UV curing. Using the brand names SAF-T-CURE® and CON-TROL-CURE®, all of our products are selected and tested to be the best for use in UV applications. Under these brand names, many of our products are manufactured by or exclusively for UV Process Supply, Inc.

Examples of these exclusive product offerings include:

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