Ink Coating & Handling

UV curable materials have specific properties based on the nature of the technology. These materials do not contain solvents but rather reactive materials that are sensitive to light, and that they have be stored, pumped, cleaned up using ingredients that are suited to their properties.

Ink Coating & Handling 



    Special Storage containers that protect radiation curable inks and coatings with excellent chemical compatibility. Additional accessories include Pail and drum liners, openers, and pail and drum strainers. 


    Ink and coating mixers for small medium and large batches. Bench top mixers for laboratory and color matching. Mixer accessories such as impellers and shafts, as well as a large selection of hand mixing blades, knives, spatulas, and stirrers. 


    A wide variety of pumps and pump accessories with excellent chemical resistance and compatibility with UV inks and coatings.  Air powered double diaphragm transfer pumps, precision peristaltic, as well as hand pumps for 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. tubing, hoses, fittings, valves, shut-offs, inline filters, elbows and more. 


    Precision Electronic scales and balances. Wide variety of graduated pitchers, containers, and pipets


    Dispensers for precision dosing and application or general lubrication, refillable and disposable including Pipet and Syringe styles.

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