Tools for testing and evaluating the adhesion of an ink or coating to a substrates surface.  UV Ink Adhesion, UV Coating Adhesion, Flaking, Cracking, Peeling


    Anemometers for testing airflow of cooling systems. Ideal for controlling Air Cooling flow on UV Curing Equipment. Over-cooling  Under-cooling diagnostic tools


    DIGITAL FORCE GAUGE measures push/pull force in kg, lbs, oz, and Newton units. Features 5000 g, 176 oz and 49 Newton measurement capacity.


    Gloss meters measure the gloss on paints inks, paper, plastic, card, and metal. Single angle 60 degree, custom multi angle, and custom triple angle are available as well.


    Instruments for testing moisture and humidity in air and within surfaces.  %RH, Temperature and Dew point or Wet Bulb or Probe Temperature,  T1-T2 differential


    Accessory adapters for use with multimeters, extend the capabilities of your existing multimeter. Add Clamp On AC Current Ring or Light Meter for Foot Candle


    Electrical and Electronic testing multimeters. True RMS, AC/DC Voltage, Ammeter, Capacitance, OHM, Resistance, Frequency, High Voltage, Continuity and more. 


    Oxygen meters  for testing inert atmospheres such as nitrogen inerting for UV Curing applications. Total Dissolved Oxygen Meters for water analysis 


    Permeability Cups used to determine the permeability of films to the vapor of water and other liquids. Test paint, varnish, thin plastic films, Inks, and Coatings.


    Digital Heavy Duty Manometer has a differential input with convenient quick-disconnect fittings. Eight units of measure are selectable by front panel push button. Advanced features include Data hold, MAX/MIN recording, and RS-232 PC interface.


    Rheology Testing tools, instruments and Viscosity Standards. Viscosity Cups Shell and Zahn, Instruments to test viscosity of Non-Newtonian and Newtonian fluids


    Surface Tension Testing inks and instruments. Dyne Pens, Corona Treater, Treat/No Treat, Metal Cleanliness, Plastic Substrates, Ink Adhesion, Coating Adhesion

UV Process Supply, Inc.

UV Process Supply, Inc. founded in 1979 with the goal to service the growing UV Curing market. At that time there were only companies producing UV coatings and/or Inks, and UV Curing equipment. The realization was that it took more than these two components to do a “process”. What else is needed to create a successful application?

With that five product categories were created to address the problems associated with the physical properties of the process.

Safety Products

Safety Products was the first category, and hand cleaner was the first product. Most waterless hand cleaners are made with mineral sprits, and that solvent used with acrylates can lead to skin problems. We created a waterless hand cleaner that was oil based rather than solvent based.

Next was our skin lotion, which contains aluminum hydroxide able to neutralize the acrylic acid based coatings. Gloves were all tested with the most popular monomers to insure that they would provide proper protection when used with clean up solvents. Thus we do not carry vinyl gloves as they do no not provide proper protection with UV Coatings and inks.

Barrier creams were a natural requirement as they present additional protection especially around finger nails and under rings, where inks might collect unnoticed. In the area of eye protection, all products are rated based on the ability to filter UV light. Even our splash goggles filter UV as to always insure optimum protection.

Ink and Coating Handling

Ink and Coating Handling is our second category and represents two features associated with the process. First is safety related; that if you can pump the coating, there is less physical contact with the material that can cause a problem. We learned to specify the proper pumps for UV Curing from customer experience. They learned that if they were using a piston pump, it would seize, when the friction of the piston would cause minute polymerization on the interior wall of the pump.

So the pumps need to be either double diaphragm pumps or peristaltic. All wetted parts in the pump product line has been soak tested in the popular monomers to insure that there would be no swelling or adverse effect on the pumps life. Storage containers need to be able to provide oxygen as it prevents jelling and curing in the container, black polyethylene containers are the best way to store UV inks and coatings. Metal should not be used. To offer a full line of UV appropriate products we have selected from each of our suppliers the best for UV Curing products.

Keep in mind that we have access to hundreds of other products from these vendors which may not be considered “Best for UV”, and we can provide them at competitive pricing.

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