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UV LED SPOTCURE-G is a stand-alone bench top or portable high output UV curing
light that is designed to be conveniently used like a soldering gun. Activation is one-handed and is accomplished by simply depressing the trigger switch.

When removed from the base, the curing gun can be used in a remote location using its integral battery battery operation. The UV LED emitter will operate for the pre-selected time period or until the trigger switch is depressed again. Selectable timing cycles are 1, 10, 20, and 40 seconds.

Inexpensive optional curing probes of a different wavelength and optical
configuration are easily replaced. The much safer UV-A 405nm wavelength
output is specifically matched to Loctite 4305 and 4304 UV adhesive to
provide tack-free curing in as little as 5 seconds.

LED UV-A Ultra High Intensity Adhesive Spot Curing
UV-A Operation is Substantially Safer
405nm Wavelength Penetrates Thickness
Optional Curing Probes available for 365nm and 460nm Wavelength
Automatic Timed Audible Curing Cycle
Large 12mm Diameter Stainless Steel Probe
Automatic Cycle Activation By Depressing Trigger Switch
Convenient Portable "Soldering Gun" Design
Integral Charger and Base for Unit Recharge and Storage

Download Datasheet:
SpotCure-G DataSheet.pdf


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