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Viscosity is the measurement of an ink or coating's actual performance on the press. It is the measurement of a fluid's internal friction, or its resistance to flow, under varying degrees of stress, stress rates and temperatures. A change of viscosity indicates variations in pigment concentration or percentages of solids, and can show the degree of polymerization of UV-cured ink or coating.

Viscosity measurement is the most sensitive control method of printing variables which affect the quality of your finished product, and is a determining factor in final print consistency.

Measure viscosity in 60 seconds or less using these ZAHN VISCOSITY CUPS. By testing and recording the time needed to drain a specific liquid from a designated cup, accurate viscosity values can be determined. Use the included 8-1/2" x 11" viscosity conversion chart to convert drain time in seconds, (to the nearest tenth of a second) into centistokes. Calibration and certification procedures qualify under MIL STD 45662A.

The physical dimensions of the viscosity cups comply to those listed and published in ASTM Method D-4212. Manufacturing jigs and fixtures have been produced and are used to insure that these dimensions are held to close tolerance. There are 5 cups in the series covering the seconds and centistoke range as follows:

Cup Number 1: Used for very thin mixtures where low solids application is desired.
Cup Number 2: The most popular cup of the series. It is used for most mixed paints which have been reduced with solvent for application regardless of the application method.
Cups Number 3 & 4: Used for higher solids application where extra heavy coatings are specified.
Cup Number 5: Normally used for measuring the viscosity of paints prior to reduction with solvent.

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