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New product

the 125 watt SB125 365+ (our part number A114-006) has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Replacement bulbs are still available. (our part number A114-007)

Pictured above is the new SB-100P that is recommended as a replacement. This 100W handheld UV light offers super-high ultraviolet intensity (4,800 W/cm at 15") without excess visible light (under two foot-candles or 20 lux).

*Unique Bulb-Saver extends bulb life and reduces the risk of breakage
*Unique impact-resistant and dent-proof housing made of a super-tough engineering polymer
*Flexible silicone rubber filter lens holder allows quick and easy bulb replacement without tools!
*Lamp head is ergonomically designed for easy handling
*8-ft primary cord, 8-ft secondary cord
*Comes standard in 120V 60Hz, or special order for 230V 50Hz

Also Available: SB-100PC for UV Curing Applications!
Special Purpose Filter. The SB-100PC lamp is equipped with a 2F100C clear filter that reduces transmission of medium wave (UV-B) and short wave (UV-C) radiation to safe levels, while emitting a UV intensity of 27,000 W/cm at 6-inch (15 cm).

Download Datasheet:
SB100P Datasheet.pdf


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