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NOTE: Includes one 8” Mounting Post, one 6” Mounting Post, one Right Angle Clamp, one Footswitch and one Safety Glass additional parts can be purchased individually [see list below]

Process Controls/Power Level
Set output power from 0-100% of maximum output
Timer-Manual Mode
Start/stop with trigger button or footswitch
Display reports duration of ongoing exposure
Timer-Automatic Mode
Set exposure duration with minute and second increment/decrement buttons
Display reports requested exposure duration
Push trigger to start exposure
Display reports remaining duration for ongoing exposure
Exposure automatically terminated at completion of set time
Audio Indicator
Short beeps each second during exposure
Long beep at completion of exposure
Beeper may be disabled
Controller Size
8H x 5W x 9D
Mounting Fixture
Mounting facilities for one LED head above controller case using 1/4 - 20 threads
Connectors/Outputs/Inputs Programming Lock
Controls access to power level and exposure duration
Hands free operation or remote triggering
Three Independent LED Outputs
Multi-head operation allows uniform illumination of complex targets
Multi-head operation allows illumination of larger areas for production throughput
Independent channels allow one controller to power LED heads of different wavelengths simultaneously
Smart & Safe Outputs
When a new LED head is plugged in the channel self-adjusts the output to the optimum level
Outputs are protected for abrupt plugging/unplugging of LED heads
The output at safe low voltage levels
Power Supply
Input 115/230 VAC [switched from back panel]
50-60 Hz

A160-041: 455nm LED Head, 4.6W Light Power
A160-042: 455nm LED Head, 6.9W Light Power
A160-043: 395nm LED Head, 3.6W Light Power
A160-044: 395nm LED Head, 5.4W Light Power
A160-045: 365nm LED Head, 1.8W Light Power

CF1000 and LED Head
High Output: 3.6 watts @ 395nm
Active Area: 1.9 Diameter
Wavelengths Available: 365nm, 395nm, 455nm
Operating Modes: Timed Exposure, Continuous Emission, Variable Power Setting, Footswitch
Features: High Reliability, Safe Low Voltage, Instant Turn On, High Efficiency, Ozone Free, Mercury Free, No Infrared Heating of Target

Narrow Spectrum
FWHM: 10-25 nm efficiently delivers energy for photo processing avoids excess heat and extreme short wavelengths that may damage the processed materials.
Specifications common to all “A” type LED heads
Illumination Window: 1.9" Diameter
Head Size: 4.25 x 2.88 x 3.0
Mounting: 1/4 - 20 threaded hole for mounting post
Cable length: 6 ft allows for remote positioning longer and more flexible than light guides

UV-Visible LED Head Features:
LED Array-Industrial Strength Power
Multiple LEDs increase power resulting in shorter exposures and better processing, which increases productivity
Multiple LEDs increase illumination area, resulting in increased productivity
Active Thermal Management
Handles long-term full power output for applications like conveyor systems
Reliable, Long Life
Typical LED life span 50-100,000 hours
Guarantee against defective parts and labor for three [3] years. Warranty towards replacement or repair of LED head only

A160-046: 8 Mounting Post
A160-047: 6 Mounting Arm
A160-048: Right Angle Post Clamp
A160-049: Footswitch
A160-050: Safety Glass
A160-051: 6 LED Head Extension Cable

The state-of-the-art CF1000 Adhesive Curing System delivers the benefits of LED technology in a unique and convenient turn key system. This versatile machine is available in 3 different wavelengths [365nm, 395nm, 455nm] to meet almost any adhesive, coating or light activated process. Despite its compact size, the CF1000 offers industrial strength curing with a large illumination area for high process throughput, while the multi-head capability increases output power and provides multiple angles of illumination [up to three different LED Heads can be powered simultaneously]. Not limited by costly battery power or inconvenient charging, the robust thermal management system is suitable for continuous usage. An intuitive control panel makes the unit very easy-to-use and a footswitch control frees up both hands for work. A long LED cable allows for remote positioning and accepts domestic or international AC power. The future-proof controller has been designed to guarantee compatibility with LED technology as it advances toward new wavelengths and higher power levels.

Download Datasheet:
CF2000 Remote Operation1.pdf

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