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During production, various deposits accumulate on the lamp and reflector surfaces. These deposits prevent the uniform delivery of UV light to the product. The reflector supplies as much as 70 percent of the UV that reaches the curing surface. The other 30 percent is emitted directly from the bulb itself yet more time is spent discussing when to replace the bulb than reflector maintenance. Gauges such as hour meters and amp meters give you information about the power supplied to the lamp and how long that power has been applied, but they tell you very little about the UV energy that performs the bulk of the curing, which is reflected energy.

UV irradiators attract dust and fumes that are given off as the curing product passes through the intense UV and thermal environment. These impurities gather on the reflector, causing it to become less efficient. The UV portion of the light spectrum is much more difficult to reflect to begin with than visible light. As the reflector becomes dull, the UV wavelengths tend to be lost, even while the visible light looks as bright as ever. Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength, the sooner its intensity drops off. If you have a means of measuring the various UV wavelengths separately, you will be aware of deterioration in the shorter wavelengths first. As the short-wave UV drops off in relation to the longer wavelengths, you will foretell the need to clean the system earlier than if you just monitor the longer wavelengths.

CON-TROL-CURE® LAMP REFLECTOR CLEANING SOLUTION cleans lamps and reflectors and does not leave behind any organic residue which can reduce optimum light transmission. This same solution is also available in a convenient aerosol dispenser. Rather than disemble the reflector and bulb, item number A002-025 allows you to simply spray the inside of the reflector and wipe clean. Formulated specifically for safe use on UV lamps.

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