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Ink and chemical spills are the most common accident in production and laboratory environments. Therfore, it is important that all shop or laboratory personnel know how to clean up properly and without risk. The resins used in UV coatings do not flow, and will not dry, thus presenting a problem for common absorbents. UV Process Supply offers the necessary supplies to ensure your shop can control and clean up such spills.

Scalable UV Clean-up Tool Can Be Laid Out Prior to a Spill for Prevention or Placed After a Spill for Clean-Up.

SORBENT SPILL RUGS are made of needle-punch polypropylene fabric specially treated to absorb and hold oil and a wide variety of chemical spills. This material is able to hold water, chemicals and oil amounts of up to 10 times its own weight. The dark-colored rugs absorb the grunge without looking dirty.

While in use it will help to alleviate footprint tracking problems by doubling as an absorbent entry and exit rug. A great choice for areas where steady foot traffic might wear out an ordinary rug thats become soaked with overspray. No matter where you place this rug, the high tensile strength lets it take all types of abuse even when its fully saturated with fluids. Because this durable rug stands up to high-traffic abuse longer than a regular rug, you can use it longer, which saves you money.

SORBENT SPILL RUGS come in a continuous roll that measures 100' x 36" and is easily cut for special dimensions. Sorbent Rugs can be stored until needed, then cut to fit the area of the leak or spill. After it is saturated, the rug can simply be rolled up again for proper disposal. Comes with a laminated poly film backing to prevent leak-through and tearing even after saturation.

Sold in individual rolls.


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