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UV Process Supply offer the widest selection of spatulas and stirrers to ensure you have the correct tool for every job. When choosing the right spatula or stirrer, consider ink container size, viscosity and material composition.

POLYETHYLENE SPATULAS are excellent for handling UV inks and coatings as well as conventional paints, adhesives and chemicals. Non-spark, non-scratch properties are consistent for use with high flash point chemicals. Solid, one-piece, injection molded polyethylene construction ensures years of use without rust or corrosion. Polyethylene Spatulas will not scratch metal surfaces. Can be sterilized without being damaged no seams or cracks to encourage bacterial growth. Tapered handle and thumb hole design provide comfortable and sure grip. Available in 2 sizes: 9-7/10"L x 4-2/5"W or 8"L x 3"W. Choose white or green. Green Polyethylene Spatulas contain an anti-static agent which makes them ideal mixing and scraping tools for paint and chemical clean-up.

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