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You use UV protective eyewear and gloves to protect yourself when working around high-risk, UV environments. But you may be overlooking one of the biggest risks of all, UV exposure to the skin.

Protect your skin from UV rays with UV SUNSCREEN. This SPF 30, oil-free formula absorbs and dries quickly -without leaving behind any greasy residue. It is PABA-free and contains aloe vera to soothe and smooth your skin. UV Sunscreen is waterproof, rub-resistant and non-comedogenic - it won't clog pores in your skin. And there's no noticeable "sunscreen feel" even after multiple applications.

This is serious UV protection for all day - everyday use. A single application is all it takes to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Just smooth some on and youll be set for hours. Whats more, youll scarcely know its there. Because the high-tech formula is so clean and oil-free, it feels invisible to the touch. It wont affect your grip and wont stain your clothes. It's sweat proof too, so it won't run in your eyes during strenuous activity. And it's hypoallergenic.

We have selected SPF 30 protection for both sizes of the UV Sunscreen. SPF 30 blocks 96.5% of UV rays. SPF 60 adds less than 1% of protection (97.4%) but adds significantly more active ingredients which can be harsh to the skin and might even cause allergic reactions.

UV Sunscreen meets OSHA standards-- OSHA rule 29CFR(a). These products have won the Gold Triangle Award from the American Academy of Dermatology.

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