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UV SPOTCURE 11 METER: UV-Spot Curing Intensity Meter 5-10

+ UV-intensity mW/cm2
+ compact size
+ portable
+ light-weight
+ multiple adaptors available

The UV-Spot Curing intensity Meter 5-10 is a high quality electro-optic UV measuring instrument. It is self-contained, battery-operated, portable, light-weight and easy to handle. It is specially designed to measure and display peak UV intensity emitted by UV spot curing systems in order to evaluate system performance. The measurement head which contains the optics is attached to the lower end of the torch-like instrument. Light guide adapters which fit into the measurement head are available from 5 to 10 mm to fit most light guides. The UV-Spot Cure intensity Meter 5-10 is available in various UVbands. This flexibility allows the instrument to be used in a variety of monitoring applications.

In the basic version it is equipped with one UV sensor for the measuring of:

Full UV spectral area 230 410 nm With the increasing employment of the UV spot curing technology, it has become necessary to establish a method of measuring system performance. Degradation of UV lamps, light guides,
and reflectors can cause decreases in irradiance and create curing problems. The UV-Spot Curing intensity Meter 5-10 is the right answer and an effective method of quantifying UV output. It provides the operator with instant feedback as to the performance of his spot curing system.

A 9 V battery block ensures extremely long life in excess of 100,000 readings. The tip of the light guide is simply inserted into the opening of the UV-Spot Cure intensity Meter 5-10 using the proper adaptor. The measurement can then be viewed on the LCD display. It can monitor UV intensities up to 9,990 mW/cm2 The UV-Spot Curing intensity Meter 5-10 is available in five different measuring ranges:

M007-550 UV-Spot Curing Meter, Type 1 UV-V (Diazo) 350 460 nm
M007-551 UV-Spot Curing Meter, Type 2 UV-A 315 410 nm
M007-552 UV-Spot Curing Meter, Type 3 UV 230 410 nm (Standard)
M007-553 UV-Spot Curing Meter, Type 4 UV-B 280 315 nm
M007-554 UV-Spot Curing Meter, Type 5 UV-C 230 280 nm
M007-555 UV Spot Curing Meter Bushings for above.

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