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The CON-TROL-CURE® TRANSFER III DIAPHRAGM PUMP transports UV/EB inks and coatings at a flow rate of 0-1.8 GPM. This air-driven, double diaphragm pump economizes operation by using cubic inch air consumption rather than cubic ft. Because of its small size, the pump requires less solvent for thorough cleaning.

Offers self-priming, continuous flow without worry of electrical breakdowns or stalling. Minimal maintenance with few moving parts, high corrosion and wear resistance of wetted parts. Easy to clean stainless steel metal components.

• Kit Includes: Air Regulator and two 6 ft lengths of UV grade tubing
• Materials of Construction: Polypropylene, EPDM, 304 stainless steel
• Operating Pressure Range: 10-60 PSI
• Overall Dimensions: 7"L x 6"W x 4"H
• Standard Fittings: 3/8" inlet and outlet stainless steel
1/4" air inlet nylon elbow fitting
• Suction lift (wet): 25" Hg/min

Item#J004-061: A low priced basic version of Transfer Pump III. So inexpensive, it can be used as a disposable pump! Regulator, drum/pump hanger, and hoses not included.

Item#J004-119: The CON-TROL-CURE® Transfer Pump III Repair Kit contains parts and instructions necessary for the replacement of the pump diaphragm. This repair kit includes 2 piston/diaphragm assemblies, valves and O-rings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check with ink or coating manufacturer to ensure compatibility between ink/coating chemistry and this pump's wet components.

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