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The new CON-TROL-CURE® UV DEVELOPER'S KIT now features our latest electronic power supply technology. The original benchtop UV system that allowed its user to switch UV wavelengths from job to job now provides stepless dimming control and up to 1.8kW of lamp power! The kits 5 wide effective curing area and internationally universal power compatability make this system ideal for all laboratory and small production applications.

Since many of todays UV formulations demand specific UV wavelengths for complete and efficient curing, it is essential that a laboratory UV curing system have the ability to deliver maximum UV energy in all popular wavelengths: Mercury, Iron, and Gallium. Until the developers kit introduction, there had not been an economical UV curing unit available offering the ability to cure using different UV wavelengths.

The new UV Developers Kit includes a universal electronic power supply, a precise focus lamp housing with quick change lamp holders and three 300wpi UV lamps (Mercury, Iron, and Gallium). The universal electronic power supply offers significant striking power and is designed to drive any of the lamps with ease. The stepless dimming control permits variable lamp intensity from 100% down to 38% of lamp power. The single phase 90 - 305VAC, 47 - 63Hz operating range adds to its simplicity and makes it ideal for field testing and demonstrations.

Unit has adjustable energy output for precise and repeatable results
Lightweight system is portable for practical use in the lab or in the field
Quick change lampholders simplify lamp installation to deliver desired peak wavelength from project to project

Lamp kit: One each Mercury, Iron, Gallium
UV output: 125 to 300W/in (adjustable)
Curing width: 5
Power requirement: single phase 90 - 305VAC
47 - 63Hz

Lamp Housing: 13" x 5" x 6.50", 7 LB
Power Supply: 14" x 8" x 8", 16.50 LB

Conveyor: To enhance performance and the repeatability of testing, the UV Developers Kit can be supplied with a benchtop conveyor system. The sturdy but lightweight conveyor has a 4 wide belt that is speed adjustable from 5-60 FPM.

Conveyor Specifications:
Belt speed: 5-60 FPM (adjustable)
Belt Type: UV specific-Teflon-coated over fiberglass

Shuttered Lamp Housing: The standard, non-shuttered lamp housing can be replaced with a shuttered lamp housing for applications where the substrate may stop in front of the lamp.

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