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UV Process Supply specified scales offer weighing ranges and readability most useful in radiation curable inks and coating environments. These industrial scales are built for everyday use, and offer state-of-the-art circuitry and components to assure ruggedness and reliability. Simple and easy to use, each unit offers precision and versatility to minimize the chances of error.

The EK-I Compact Balance integrates modern, advanced design supplied by a recognized world leader in balance design and technology. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications with high reliability and low life cost. This model has a max 400g x 01g resolution. Its compact, rugged design incorporates high resolution (up to 1:60,000), ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. Users can select the weighing unit that meets the application: Dec. Oz, Dec. lb, ct, dwt, Toz, GN, MM, plus percent, comparator, and counting. And the clear weighing units display avoids operator error in data recording and ensures correct unit of measure when multiple modes enabled. The sealed key panel protects against dust and spills.


This unit features a full display segment check. After it powers on, all display segments are checked for correct operation to ensure the operator is aware of any potential data recording errors. The percentage function is ideal for comparative weighing and moisture loss applications, saving time and improving efficiency. The Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) provides continuous recalculation and update of average piece weight to ensure optimum count accuracy even with very small parts. The clear Error Message Displays alert the operator to potential weighing problems and provides diagnostics. A manual Calibration Switch allows for ease of calibration, and is operator controlled using external calibration masses.

• 400g capacity x .01g resolution
• 5.2” x 6.7” Weighing Pan (133mm x 170mm): Accommodates up to 1 Gallon Containers
• Units of Measure: g, oz, lb, ozt, dwt, ct, GN, MM, plus percent, comparator, and counting.

This unit also features overload protection, anti-theft features (standard security ring and optional anti-theft cable and lock), rechargeable battery option, and built-in level and leveling feet. RS-232C & 20mA Interface: Optional, ideal for printer and PC connection.

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