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The 60 DEGREE GLOSSMETER, ideal for UV printing and coating operations, is a single angle instrument that measures gloss at 60 degrees. It uses beam coincidence to ensure measurements are taken at the same surface point. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery or with the AC adaptor provided. It meets international specifications for the measurements of gloss on paints, inks, paper, plastics, card and metals. With accuracy comparable to laboratory devices, readings are captured in 3 seconds to be displayed in increments of 0.1 gloss units. Stabilization circuits and a second sensor ensure accuracy when using different batteries or voltage, and for accommodating lamp aging.

The angle quoted is that between the light source and 0 degrees which is the same as that between 0 degrees and the receptor. 0 is 90 degrees to the surface. Complete with rechargeable battery pack, recharger, certified calibration standard, spare lamp, cleaning kit, and carrying case.

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