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This select line of supplies and testing instuments is for the offset printer. These products include monitoring devices and gauges to solvents and clean-up pads. For an additional selection of high quality prepress and pressroom tools, refer to the GRAPHIC ARTS SUPPLIES SECTION and choose from a complete line of inspection tools, cutting knives, etc.

Maximum quality control necessitates frequent conductivity readings of the fountain solution. Contamination from paper coatings, ink and spray powder often cannot be determined with pH readings. Only conductivity monitoring pin-points problems before they occur. The POCKET CONDUCTIVITY METER kit contains everything you need including a meter, calibration solution pouches, sampling vial, instructions and storage case. Tester is fully waterproof and dustproof for added margin of safety, and has a replaceable electrode. Range 0-1999mho. Automatic Temperature Compensation is standard. The meter has a full-scale LCD for faster, easier reading. Accuracy of +/-2%.

Additional Single Use Calibration Solution:
N006-007 20ml pouch of pre-mixed solution. 20 pouches per box.


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