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This select line of supplies and testing instuments is for the offset printer. These products include monitoring devices and gauges to solvents and clean-up pads. For an additional selection of high quality prepress and pressroom tools, refer to the GRAPHIC ARTS SUPPLIES SECTION and choose from a complete line of inspection tools, cutting knives, etc.

Thoroughly and effortlessly clean, loosen and lift ink, gum, casein, clay, enamel, varnish, paper lint, and spray powder from the blanket. The BLANKET SCRUBBER is a nylon pocket containing a cellulose insert that holds a reservoir of solvent. The Blanket Scrubber easily outlasts the equivalent of 300 or more shop towels. It helps maintain the printing ability of the blanket and scours off paper lint easily and quickly. Unlike the limp fibers of the shop towel that clog easily, the open mesh and scrubbing action of the Blanket Scrubber completely cleans and renovates the blanket surface with every wash-up.


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