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The doctor blade is one of the most critical components for Flexographic and Rotogravure printing. It is a highly precise instrument that has an intimate relationship with your engraved cylinders. The 2 pieces work in perfect unison to deliver a predetermined ink film thickness to your substrate. A consistent and uniform ink film thickness is essential in achieving repeatable graphic production within a print run and from one run to the next.

The Stepped, also called Lamella edged doctor blades help keep the transfer of ink consistent throughout the production run. As the WHITE STEEL LAMELLA DOCTOR BLADE wears, the machined tip keeps the contact area from changing. This type of doctor blade is best where increased rigidity is needed to help shear inks and to prevent blade chatter. The increased rigidity comes from its design where the clamping portion can be thicker than the metering tip.


These doctor blades come with a built-in seal that keeps the doctor blade holder free from ink build-up. Ink build-up in the clamping area does not allow the blade to lie flat in the holder. Applying additional pressure will only cause the blade to ripple. Excessive doctor blade pressure is then required to get a good wipe. Excessive pressure quickly wears both blades and anilox rolls.

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Eliminate these common problems and save time and money! Blade changes are quick and easy when the clamping area is clean. Our blades are made from the highest grade of steel. Uniform structure and exceptional cleanliness means no scoring. Our strict flatness and straightness tolerances translate into the lowest doctor blade pressure to get the job done!

Overall Seal Benefits Include:
• Longer anilox roll life
• Longer blade life
• Fast clean up
• Less press downtime
• Reduces corrosion in the holder

All part number listed dimensions are in inches. Priced per piece (with a minimum order of 100 pieces) or by the roll (in 100m (328') rolls).

Tariff Code (Schedule B) for Metal Doctor Blades is 8208.90

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