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Environmental noise from printing presses and other equipment in the workplace has the potential to cause physical damage to the ear. The SAF-T-CURE® line features a series of hearing protectors that are in accordance with ANSI Standard S3.19 and are ideal for press-room personell.

The SAF-T-CURETM MAX HEARING PROTECTORS are comfortable to wear ear plugs that offer effective hearing protection. They are made with a smooth, soil resistant material for comfort and hygiene. One size fits all self-adjusting foam fits virtually any ear canal for perfect custom fit. Tapered and pre-shaped for easier insertion.

The Max Hearing Protectors (I020-001, I020-002) have an NRR of 33 dB. They are highly visible neon orange. Available as corded (100 pairs/box) or uncorded models (200 pairs/box).

The Laser Lite Hearing Protectors (I020-021) have an NRR 32 dB. This ear plug is made from non-irritating, non-allergenic, self-adjusting foam. Ideal for small ear canals. These corded magenta/yellow foam ear plugs are sold 100 pairs/box.

The Max Lite Hearing Protectors (I020-022) have an NRR of 30 dB. Low ear pressure ear plugs offer long-term user comfort for those with small ear canals. These corded green foam ear plugs are sold 100 pairs/box.


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