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CON-TROL-CURE®'s 3/4 INCH ELLIPTICAL UV LAMP REFLECTOR HOUSING features patented design and fully focused geometry, incorporating a reflector, dual end reflectors, plus reflectors mounted inside the shutters (where applicable). The lighthouse produces 20% more cure energy than standard reflector designs. With the addition of a v-shaped reflector positioned directly above the lamp, energy is redirected around the quartz tube and to the reflector. Supported by a multi-rib network designed in CAD with a Light Ray tracing tool to ensure proper focus, the reflector gathers all available energy and directs it onto the substrate's surface for optimal performance. Field evaluations have indicated 20% additional cure energy is being received at the substrate surface as compared to competitive systems. Unique air flow design maximizes lamp efficiency By replacing the aluminum extrusion found in most UV lamp housings with the multi-rib network, the Lighthouse's air flow pattern permits unobstructed cooling throughout the housing. The lighthouse's innovative v-shaped reflector is also supported in a manner to create an air channel along the inside of the reflector. As the air is directed along the reflector so as not to interfere with lamp performance, overall efficiency is maintained. Fan-blown air also flows along the outside of the reflector so both sides are cooled simultaneously. In addition, since energy which accumulates around the quartz tube turns into unwanted infrared, the redirection of trapped energy by the v-shaped reflector further dissipates heat within the housing.

Versatile design:
- The Lighthouse's universal lamp holders feature a swivel clamping system which accepts any lamp of any manufacture - ceramic or metal end fitting. This system also permits adjustment of lamp focus to ensure that any lamp can be placed in exact focus for optimal performance.

Easy maintenance:
- The Lighthouse's side panels, which secure the housing's reflector material in place, can be easily removed without tools. This allows yellowed, scratched or damaged reflector material to be removed and replaced in approximately 5 minutes. This quick changeover system minimizes downtime and encourages frequent replacement of reflector material so lamp efficiency is optimized. By maintaining optimum brilliance at all times, the operator can maximize performance by directing maximum lamp energy to the substrate surface. Also, as the Lighthouse's universal lamp holders accept any lamp and permit focus adjustment for any type of lamp, the operator can choose the lamp(s) which suits their application or purchasing requirements.

Quick and easy retrofit into any 3rd party production systems:
- Designed as a universally retrofittable housing, each Lighthouse incorporates two parallel " channels into three sides of its external extrusion (accepting "-20 bolts) for universal mounting into any 3rd party production line.

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Download Datasheet:

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