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Temperature has a direct relationship to curing speed: the higher the temperature the faster the cure. Yet, excessive heat may cause the substrate to distort, which can result in registration difficulties or substrate damage. Heat may also cause UV cure system components to fail. Therefore, understanding temperature is critical to ensuring proper cure and to safeguarding the substrate and system from potential failure.

Shockproof, pocket-sized EXPANDED RANGE THERMOMETERS are ideal for lab, plant, and field use. Fast response and one-switch operation make them the perfect routine thermometers. 2 models are available in either C or F. Range of Celsius model is -50 to +1200C range of Fahrenheit model is -50F to +2000F. Resolution: 1. Typical accuracy is +/-1 or 1%. Supplied with 2 fast-response Type-K beaded sensors for measurements up to 250C (482F) continuous and 300C (572F) short term. For measurements up to 1200C (2000F), use the Type-K Triple-Purpose Accessory Probe, sold separately.


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