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Temperature has a direct relationship to curing speed: the higher the temperature the faster the cure. Yet, excessive heat may cause the substrate to distort, which can result in registration difficulties or substrate damage. Heat may also cause UV cure system components to fail. Therefore, understanding temperature is critical to ensuring proper cure and to safeguarding the substrate and system from potential failure.

THERMAX TEMPERATURE LABELS are used to measure temperatures that are difficult or impossible to measure during actual use. Each strip has 6 calibrated windows that change color permanently when a specific temperature has been reached. The Thermax 6 label is sized to fit the indentation on certain Brembo calipers, but they can be used on hundreds of other components, from oil tanks to shock absorbers.

Available in 6 temperature ranges covering temperatures from 149F (65C) to 554F (290C). Each strip measures 0.47" L x 1.26" W. Sold in packs of 10 strips of one temperature range.

Thermax 6 Temperature Range Details

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