3M Ionized Air Gun 980AC 100/120V, 50/60 Hz

3M Ionized Air Gun 980AC 100/120V, 50/60 Hz View larger


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Static electricity is extremely problematic for printing and other commercial business processes. As an unseen, unfelt force of varying intensity, it attracts and holds dirt, dust, bacteria and other airborne contaminants to all materials and environmental surfaces. Static pulls articles out of register during manufacturing and printing processes, and it causes articles or components to stick together causing jamming of machines and equipment.

Static can ignite combustible dust, vapors, solvents, and other materials causing fire and or/explosion. It can also cause unprotected electronic instrumentation to perform erradtically. Poor quality, waste, rejects, unscheduled downtime, increased frequency of maintenance, loss of internal environmental control and increased costs are some of the resulting problems.

The 3M Ionized Air Gun 980AC 100/120V, 50/60 Hz is an excellent tool for blowing particulate contamination off any surface. It releases a balanced stream of compressed ionized air that neutralizes the static charge that can hold particulates to a surface. The loose particles can then be easily blown away.

Product Details:
Agency Approvals - UL and CE
Depth - 1.0 Inch
Height - 3.0 Inch
Width - 8.0 Inch
Voltage Rating -- USA 120V 60hz

Download Datasheet:
980Static Gun.pdf

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