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Ink and chemical spills are the most common accident in production and laboratory environments. Therfore, it is important that all shop or laboratory personnel know how to clean up properly and without risk. The resins used in UV coatings do not flow, and will not dry, thus presenting a problem for common absorbents. UV Process Supply offers the necessary supplies to ensure your shop can control and clean up such spills.

Flexible Custom UV Clean-up Tool with Polymerization Inhibitors, Great For Wide Spills and Hard-To-Reach Spaces.

Traditionally, water-based spills are merely mopped up with paper towels. However, since the resins in UV coatings will not dry, mopping up a spill only spreads the spill further. Normal towels are useless as it only serves to make the situation more messy and will drip when handled.

SPILL CLEAN-UP GRANULES are designed with polymerization inhibitors to prevent hardening of UV inks or coatings, and with high absorbents to pick up UV material spills. Simply place on spill, allow granules to soak up the materials, scoop up and dispose of properly.

UV inks and coatings are typically high molecular weight materials, This means standard clean-up granules sold on the market do not absorb the UV materials, but rather they float on top. The materials in the UV SPILL CLEAN-UP GRANULES are more porous, allowing them to absorb the high molecular weight molecules and the lower viscosity materials as well.

Sold/10 lb box or a 40 lb bag.

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