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Ink and chemical spills are the most common accident in production and laboratory environments. Therfore, it is important that all shop or laboratory personnel know how to clean up properly and without risk. The resins used in UV coatings do not flow, and will not dry, thus presenting a problem for common absorbents. UV Process Supply offers the necessary supplies to ensure your shop can control and clean up such spills.

Control solvent and other spills of petroleum-based liquids with field-tested OIL CLEAN-UP PADS. Made from thermally bonded fibers, these oil pads hold up to 25 times their own weight and stay smooth. Pads will not come apart or flake, even when fully saturated. Sold as 16.5" x 18" pads at 19 lbs/bundle, they absorb 25 gallons and repel water. White in color. Sold 100/pack.


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