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The FLEXO ROLLER TINT SLEEVE, traditionally only used in the wide web industry, is becoming extremely popular in the narrow web industry. Sleeves are becoming common in shops that run repeat jobs on a regular basis, or that require a quick turnaround. In a busy plant, using sleeves shaves minutes, sometimes more, off of production time, which translates directly to dollars.

These sleeves (also called flood coaters) were specifically designed for use in coating water, UV materials, alcohol, keytone, and ester based inks, coatings and adhesives.

Tint sleeves are precision ground polymeric tubing which is applied over tint cylinders. This assembly is used to replace the plate and plate cylinder in flexographic presses when a continuous solid coating is required. The sleeves are slid over the tint cylinder using air assist or lubricants to facilitate assembly. Locking collars are placed on both sides of the sleeves to prevent slippage.

Tint sleeves are usually used to lay down a continuous uniform solid color or clear overcoat. They are also sometimes used for applying primers and adhesives. With the addition of custom grooving, they can be used to apply a continuous stripe.


Superior uniformity of the coating
Reduction or elimination of gear marks and streaks
Competitive pricing

Available in five 18 long standard sizes:

1.750 ID x 2.188 OD
1.750 ID x 2.625 OD
2.000 ID x 2.438 OD
2.000 ID x 2.468 OD
3.000 ID x 3.500 OD

Standard materials: black EPDM 55, 65, 70 durometer hardness or
white EPDM 67 durometer.

Custom size options: in sizes up to 36 inches.

Sleeve ID OD Range
1.000 1.4381.500
1.125 1.563 1.625
1.250 1.750 1.938
1.500 1.875 2.188
1.750 2.150 2.250
2.000 2.438 2.547
2.000 2.750 2.900
2.500 3.3203.500
3.000 3.500 3.532
3.000 3.980 4.000
3.500 3.9804.000

Custom materials options include:

Buna (BN) 30-90 durometer (any color)
EPDM (EP) 30-90 durometer (any color)
PVC/NBR 30-90 durometer (any color)
Neoprene 30-90 durometer (any color)
Natural Rubber 30-90 durometer (any color)
Silicone Blend 50-90 durometer (red)
Pure Silicone 50-90 durometer (red)
Viton 60-70 durometer (black)
Thiokol 60-70 durometer (black)
Other available upon request

Download Support Document:
Tint Roller Selection Chart.pdf


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