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The UV-1050 COLOR COMPORT RADI0METER AND DOSIMETER is a self-contained, high quality UV measuring instrument.

+ UV-intensity mW/cm2
+ UV-dose mJ/cm2
+ Big color graphic display
+ Numerical and graphical display
+ Permanent or triggered measuring mode*
+ USB ComPort

It is designed to measure and record UV intensity and UV dosage in the UV curing process. Measuring results are indicated both, graphically and numerically on a big color display. In the standard version it is equipped with one UV sensor for the measuring of:

Full UV spectral area 230 410 nm

Due to its UV sensor and the integrated microprocessor the UV-1050 Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter can measure, record and display the peak UV-intensity of the total UV spectrum (mW/cm2). Additionally, this instrument is calculating the UV-dosage (mJ/cm2) of the UV energy supplied during the time of exposure of one measuring cycle. The UV-dosage is calculated as the total Integral of UV-dosage over the full UV spectral bands. Optionally it is available with an extra sensor for measuring temperatures from 32 to 230 F / 0 to 110 C.

*This instrument features a selectable triggered mode, i.e. the 30 sec recording cycle starts within a 120 second readiness phase not before the incident UV-intensity exceeds 2 mW/cm. The sensor is on the back of the unit which also serves as a heat shield. After completion of the measuring cycle the measuring results are instantly displayed numerically and graphically auto-scaled on the built in 45 x 34 mm (1.75 x 1.3) TFT color display A special AUTO-OFF feature that turns off the unit automatically after one minute serves as energy saving and extension of the battery service life.

The UV-1050 Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter comes with a SD Memory card used to store data replaces the USB comport. The measuring data is stored directly to the inserted SD card and a circumstancial data transfer to a PC is not necesary after each measuring cycle. The evaluation software has been modified and is more user-friendly compared to earlier versions. The UV-1050 Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter is available in five different measuring ranges:

Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter Diazo 350 460 nm
Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter UV-A 315 400 nm
Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter UV 230 410 nm
Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter UV-B 280 315 nm
Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter UV-C 230 280 nm

Spectral range: UV 230 410 nm (Standard)
Max. Power Input 0 to 5,000 mW/cm2
Display: TFT Color Display, 45 x 34 mm (1.75 x 1.3)
Display range: 0 to 36,000 mJ/cm2
Measuring range: 0 to 2,000 mW/cm2
Sampling rate: 0.005 sec (200/sec)
Recording cycle: 30 sec.
Readiness phase: 120 sec.
Power source: 2 x long life 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Power consumption: 20 A
Battery service life: 2,000 measuring cycles
Dimensions: ??5.5 (140 mm), height (13 mm)
Weight: approx. 17,5 ounce (500 g)
Operating temperature: 32 to 113 F / 0 to 45 C
Heat protection: Heat shield on back plate
Base Accuracy: 5 %
Equipped with re-chargable batteries and charging unit
SD memory card slot

While on the conveyer belt, the UV-1050 Color ComPort Radiometer + Dosimeter can withstand max. 230 F / 110 C for up to 10 seconds. The temperature of the housing should not exceed 113 F / 45 C. Because of uneven radiation distribution of the UV light source and different type of construction of the measuring devices by different manufacturers, different readings may appear under the same measurement conditions.

In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year. Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery. PTB traceable calibration acc. to DIN

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