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The CON-TROL-CURE® R3 PROBE UV RADIOMETER is an affordable electro-optic UV measuring instrument. It is battery-operated, portable, extremely light-weight, and easy to use. It is designed to measure and display peak UV intensity in hard-to-reach curing chambers (such as narrow web presses) in order to evaluate system performance.
With the increasing use of narrow web presses and flexo printing technology, it has become necessary to create a method for measuring system performance. Degradation of UV lamps and parts can cause decreases in lamp output and create curing problems.
R3 stands for Rapid Reach Radiometer. The R3 Probe features an 18 extended probe allowing the operator to reach areas that might otherwise be inaccessible or dangerous to access. The probe is simple to use just hold the units base and position the sensor under the curing source. Quick readings allow the operator to measure performance of the system long before curing problems occur, without holding up the curing process.
The inside of a UV curing system can include extreme temperature variations and other harsh physical conditions. The CON-TROL-CURE® R3 Probe is designed to withstand these conditions while protecting the operator and instruments from electrical shock or damage. The 18 rigid light guide has a diameter of 4mm and is completely made of non-conductive ceramic material to insulate and protect the equipment and the operator from damage or accidental shock.
The tip of the CON-TROL-CURE® R3 Probe can detect all ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation wavelengths with its specially designed input aperture. It even detects into the UV-C spectrum down to 230nm. The sensor at the end of the arm directs the light down the arm to the base of the unit, there a UV filter passes the light of interest to the unit.
The CON-TROL-CURE® R3 Probe is an effective method of quantifying UV output. It provides the operator with instant feedback as to the performance of his UV curing system.

A 9V battery block ensures extremely long life in excess of 100,000 readings.
It can monitor UV intensities up to 9,990 mW/cm
Compact, Portable size
Light-weight - Approx. 5 ounces
18 non-conductive ceramic probe
The measurements taken can be viewed directly on the LCD display.

Spectral range: M007-108 UV-A 315-410NM M007-109 UV FULL 230-400NM
Max. Power Input 0 to 9,990 mW/cm
Display: LCD, 3 digits X 10
Display range: 0 to 9,990
Measuring range: 0 to 9,990 mW/cm
Power source: 9 V Block Battery
Power consumption: 20 A
Battery service life: 2,000 hrs (100.000 Measurings)
Dimensions: 6.25 (158 mm) x 1.6 (40 mm) x 1.3 (34 mm)
Weight: Approx. 5 ounce (125 g)
Length of light guide: Approx. 18 (45 cm)
Diameter of light guide: 4mm
Overall length: Approx. 24.25
Operating temperature: 0 to 122 F / 0 to 50 Centigrade
Base Accuracy: 5 % The maximum permissible temperature for the light guide is 400 Centigrade/ 750 Fahrenheit. The temperature of the housing should not exceed 122 F / 50 Centigrade.

Because of uneven radiation distribution of the UV light source and different type of construction of the measuring devices by different manufacturers, different readings may appear under the same measurement conditions. CALIBRATION
Like most radiometers, in order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year. Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery.

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