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The CON-TROL-CURE® VERSACURE MODULAR UV SYSTEMS incorporate the latest in solid state digital power supply technology providing portability, multiple lamp versatility, and performance reliability.

VersaCure UV Systems are available in either 1.8kW or 3.1kW versions allowing for a broad range of arc length and UV intensity options. These power supplies offer dimming capability from 100% full power down to 40%, as well as instant high/low switching for shuttered housing applications. The advanced technology of VersaCure power supplies permit the use of the broadest range of UV lamps possible. Switching between traditional Mercury to Iron, Gallium,or Indium, is as simple as changing the lamp.

The Standard VersaCure power supply control provides basic control of lamp on/off, lamp dimming and lamp high/low. Due to adnanced intelligent lamp circuitry, there is also a ready light which will illuminate green when the UV lamp has warmed up sufficiently to begin production. For more advanced control, we also offer an optional Premium power supply with touch screen interface. This advanced control module provides the user with all the same features as the standard system, plus access to advanced features for process control and error reporting. The touchscreen has both graphic display and a color changing backlight providing an "illuminated green screen" for lamp ready. If an error occurs, the screen changes to red, and a description of the error is shown on the screen. (easy to read text - no error codes to look up).

The VersaCure power supply can be coupled with any Con-Trol-Cure Lamp housing design Standard 3.5 focus with or without shutter, Parabolic Flood, or one of our deep focus housings in either the original 10 inch focus, or our latest 6 inch focus design.

Specifications 1.8kW
Input Power: Single Phase 110V 60Hz (USA) 240V 50/60Hz (International)
Power is not switchable system is built for specific voltage at time of order.
Lamp Watts: 550 1,800W auto-ranging
Types: Mercury, Iron, Gallium, Indium

Specifications 3.0kW
Input Power: Single Phase 208V 60Hz (USA) 277V 50/60Hz (International)
Power is internationally compatable.
Lamp Watts: 550 3,000W auto-ranging
Types: Mercury, Iron, Gallium, Indium

Download Datasheet:
Versa Cure Sales Doc.pdf

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Measuring UV-Terms and Help.pdf

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TouchScreen Quick Start.pdf

Download Product Manual:
VersaCure Manual.pdf


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