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Inks, coatings, adhesives, emulsions, solvents, and other prepress solutions usually require mixing before use or upon receipt from the manufacturer. If the final formulation requires the addition of wetting or flow agents, pigments, dyes, adhesion promoters, retarders, reducers, extenders, and other additives, additional product mixing is required. UV Process Supply offers the most complete selection of mixers and mixing blades compatible with UV and standard printing formulations and viscosities.

This HANDHELD AIR-POWERED QUICK MIXER is perfect for small volumes of ink, paint, resins, chemicals and slurries with viscosities up to 7,000 cPs. 3/4 hp explosion-proof air motor with a speed range of 300-3000 rpm. Standard unit does not include mixing impellers, but each unit is equipped with a 1/2" adjustable chuck. Portable unit can be placed directly into the opening of a 5 gallon or 55 gallon source. RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: For 5 gallon pails: 2-5/8" blades on a 1/4" x 15" shaft. For 55 gallon drums: 5" blades on a 1/2" x 40" shaft. Also recommended for use with Jiffy® Mixer Blades.

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