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Through every step of UV production, the use of optical viewing equipment is essential to ensuring print quality. Inspection of artwork, film negatives, halftones and registration all require magnification to verify results. UV Process Supply offers a wide range of microscopes and magnifiers to suit the individual needs of printers, graphic artists, and other professionals dedicated to delivering the finest finished product.

The BINOCULAR MAGNIFIERS offer powerful, crisp magnification of your detailed projects while simultaneously leaving both of your hands free to work. The ground and polished optical lens is mounted to a tilt-up frame, allowing you to disengage the magnifier without removing the entire assembly from your head. This item is equipped with a cushioned headband which rests as comfortably as a baseball cap and is likewise adjustable for a snug fit.

2.25x magnifying lens
Great for assembly and inspection applications
Leaves hands free to work
Tilt-up lens frame instantly removes magnifying lens from sightline
Ground and polished optical lens eliminates eyestrain
Fits over prescription glasses
Adjustable, cushioned headband for comfort fit
8 focal length


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