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Through every step of UV production, the use of optical viewing equipment is essential to ensuring print quality. Inspection of artwork, film negatives, halftones and registration all require magnification to verify results. UV Process Supply offers a wide range of microscopes and magnifiers to suit the individual needs of printers, graphic artists, and other professionals dedicated to delivering the finest finished product.

Self-supporting bench magnifiers are useful when inspecting circuit boards and other jobs which require some level of material handling under the magnifying lens.

The 10, 15, & 20X FIXED STAND BENCH MAGNIFIERs' sturdy frame and cantilever lenses head offer maximum ambient light up to maximum magnification. Excellent light transmission for optimal viewing. Hard abrasion-resist lens coating improves clarity. 10x/36 dpt, 15x/56 dpt and 20x/76 dpt magnifications available.


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