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X-RiteDot is a line of portable dot-analysis HALF TONE DOT METERS that provide digital screen ruling assessment, on-board video dot magnification, and dot shape analysis on almost any media. X-RiteDot provides operators with the most accurate solution for evaluating dot percent, resulting in quality and consistency in the imaging workflow.

Better dots make better reproductions. And with X-RiteDot meters, you can get the most out of your conventional or CTP imaging workflow, with confidence in plates, film and proofs.

Go Beyond Accurate
The X-RiteDot meters go beyond densitometry to provide the industry-certified most accurate solution for evaluating dot percent, resulting in quality and consistency on press.

With the industry-leading ccDot engine, the X-RiteDot lineup brings valued X-Rite service, reputation and strength to the area of dot analysis. Accurate feedback on dot size, digitally-accurate screen ruling assessment, on-board video dot magnification and dot shape analysis yield an unbeatable solution in dot measurement.

Complete Line of Dot Technologies
What if the same accurate dot evaluation used to produce the industry-leading plate dot meter could be used to measure halftone films, or even digital or contact proofs? Well now it can be.

With the X-Rite ComboDot you can accurately analyze the exact screen percentage of any hard-dot or soft-dot film on any light table. And to complete the picture, ComboDot includes a separate density head and transmission base for conventional film density measurements.

X-Rite PrintDot yields accurate physical dot size measurements from comps, proofs, or press prints, further extending the reach of accurate dot validation. Use it to calibrate conventional or digital proofing solutions, to accurately evaluate customer-supplied materials, or to document data and digital pictures that confirm the visual image you see in a magnifying loupe.

Simple To Use
A simple, single button press is all that is required to capture images or make measurements of any dot image, on prints, plates or films. The graphical menu provides easy, quick and simple access to the wide range of enhanced features of the X-RiteDot lineensuring that any operator is able to make measurements with a minimum of training.

No User Calibration
The X-RiteDot line was engineered with a simple design concept that adjusts for the plate background image automatically. This means that not only are measurements faster but also more accurate -reducing user errors that can be common with competitive solutions. X-RiteDot is simple, just aim and measure.

Easy To Enhance
Users can easily upgrade X-RiteDot models to add more features as their needs grow, all without the need to return it to the factory. Enhancements are made via a simple user entered keycode to unlock features.

Unparalleled Accuracy
The X-RiteDot product line features high-resolution 14,000 dpi optics. This allows measurement of standard (AM amplitude modulated) screens from 85-250 LPI as well as stochastic (FM frequency modulated) screens as fine as 20 microns. In addition, the unique view-through aperture offers the most convenient and accurate placement, ensuring you get a quality measured result.

Advanced Display
X-RiteDot meters offer a large format, easy-to-read, graphic display which offers a variety of information at the touch of a button. Easily view data including percentage dot, screen ruling or screen angle data. Switch to video mode and view real dot shapes and patterns.

You can even magnify the image to view misshapen dots or artifactsthe true alternative to a magnifying loupe. You can also save reference images for later review or for transfer to a computer for further use.

Connect Mac/PC to share data/images
Easy to use, full-size graphic display, graphical user interface, auto-calibrating
Accurate dot on films, plates and prints
WYSIWYG viewing for accurate position
Fully upgradeable add new features
Data set storage for press/proof curves

X-Rites entry-level dot meter for evaluating printing plates with blue or green emulsions. Rated most accurate plate measurement solution by GATF - recommended by leading plate and platesetter manufacturers

Full upgrades via keycode - add FM functionality, film capability and more
Verify CTP or conventional plates with reliability, ease and accuracy
Upload data and video images to PC or Macintosh with optional software

Primary Application: Blue, Green Plates
Screen Ruling (min/max): 85 lpi to 250 lpi
Stochastic Capable: No
Minimum Dot Size (microns): NA

X-Rites accurate meter for evaluating dot size, line ruling and screen angle on printing plates with any color emulsion.

Standard level solution for simple dot evaluation on any color litho plate
Auto calibration direct sample viewing
Send data or video frames to your Macintosh or PC with optional software
Upgrade to add the stochastic/FM feature or other capabilities

Primary Application: Offset Plates
Screen Ruling (min/max): 85 lpi to 250 lpi
Stochastic Capable: No
Minimum Dot Size (microns): NA

Accurately evaluates halftone film dot area and density as well as dot size, line ruling and screen angle on printing plates of any color.

Combined solution for dot and film measurement on any color litho plate
Quickly and easily evaluate plates and films for dot, screen ruling and angle
Add capability to measure prints and proofs with an upgrade via key codes
Calibrate both your platesetter and your imagesetter
Measure stochastic films and plates with optional FM feature

Primary Application: Plates, HT Films
Also Can Read: Density (D-Max)
Screen Ruling (min/max): 85 lpi to 250 lpi
Stochastic Capable: No
Minimum Dot Size (microns): NA

X-Rites multi-function dot meter for accurately evaluating dot size on a variety of graphic arts media including prints, film and plates with any emulsion color.

Measure precise dot area, angle and line screen ruling in your printing process - film, plates, proofs and pressrun
Simple icon-driven menu and self-calibration feature
Capture data and video frame images of any media, and upload to PC or Macintosh (optional feature)
Document plate, proof or print problems to share with management, vendors and customers
With our best-of-class 14,000 DPI resolution measure FM/stochastic plates and films with our optional FM upgrade

Primary Application: Proof Calibration
Also Can Read: Plates, HT Films
Screen Ruling (min/max): 85 lpi to 250 lpi
Stochastic Capable: No
Minimum Dot Size (microns): NA

14,000 dpi CCD array
Optional FM mode for stochastic materials

Aperture Size
1 mm

Optical Range
85 to 250 lpi

Transmission base std. on ComboDot
Red LED std. on BasicDot
RGB LED std. on PlateDot, ProofDot and ComboDot
Intense Blue LED std. on FlexoDot

Data Storage
32 values with data option

Measurement Time
2 seconds

Warm-up Time

+/- 1% dot

Numeric display
Optional graphic display with image view and zoom

Data Connection
Serial connection
Mini-DIN Mac serial adapter optional
USB adapter optional

Power Source
Rechargeable battery pack
Switching power supply (100V AC to 240V AC)

Charge Time
Up to 14 hours for full charge, first time use

Physical Dimensions
Height: 5.4 cm (2.125 in)
Width: 9.5 cm (3.75 in)
Length: 26 cm (10.25 in)

540 g (1.2 lbs)

Video option includes ImageLink software for image exchange with PC/Mac
Data option includes KeyMagic software for data exchange with PC/Mac

12 month warranty
DB9 serial interface cable
Optional annual service contract
Storage case
Complete documentation

Download Datasheet:
DS-Dot Meters.pdf


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